• IAG-USB-Disco-Ball-Magic-Light-Show-1-1200×1200
  • IAG-USB-Disco-Ball-Magic-Light-Show-1-1200×1200
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  • IAG-USB-Disco-Ball-Magic-Light-Show-Lifestyle-1200×1200

USB Disco Ball Magic Light Show

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You’ll always have a little party in your pocket with this fun and functional USB Disco Ball Magic Light Show. Simply plug it in to any USB power source- including smartphones, laptops, or even your car- and enjoy the 4 LED light psychedelic ambiance. An embedded sound activated sensor captures nearby sounds or music and changes color or speed with the beat. Won’t drain your battery. Perfect for your next indoor or outdoor party, gathering, wedding events, or as dome light for car interior mood lighting. Includes one Mini USB Stage Light and one Android Adapter.