Here you will find very useful information and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Q: How do I redeem a voucher?
A: Voucher codes are unique to each item, and multiple vouchers must be applied indiviually during checkout. We recommend you copy and paste the voucher code to ensure accuracy. Find your item through our categories under our “Shop” button above or click the link supplied to you at the time of voucher purchase. Add the item to your cart and enter your voucher number during checkout. If you purchased multiple vouchers, then make sure you have the correct quantity in the cart. Please make sure you enter your personal contact information and voucher code accurately to ensure delivery.

Once all your information is entered during the checkout process correctly,  you’ll be asked to pay the shipping and handling fees if they apply. Once it’s paid, click “Place Order” and you will receive an order number at the top of the page and a confirmation email. Congratulations, you have redeemed your voucher! Please check your spam folder for the sales receipt. If you did not receive one, then your order did not complete.

Q: Do I need to place separate orders if I purchased more than one voucher?
A: No. There is no need to make multiple orders if you have multiple vouchers. Please ensure you have the correct quantity in your cart and apply each voucher individually.

Q: I thought I purchased multiple items, but Living Social only gave me one voucher.
A: Check again. Living Social will issue you one voucher per item, so please check your Living Social account again for the remaining vouchers.

Q: Where can I get my voucher number if I can’t find it?
A: Normally, your voucher number is supplied to you at the time of purchase. But if you forget it, you can contact the website, vendor or retailer where you purchased the voucher and they will assist you with the information you will need to redeem your voucher.

Q: How do I know my voucher redemption went through?
A: You will get an successful order message with an order number and receive a confirmation email with the same message. This confirmation email will sometimes end up in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder before emailing us about it.

Q: How do I redeem multiple vouchers?
A: Once you enter your first voucher number, simply add your second one in the same spot you entered your first. There is no need to do multiple transactions for each voucher, it’s neater on your credit statement and it’s easy for us!

Q: What do I do if I realize my shipping address is incorrect after I’ve seen that my order has shipped?
A: This is why it is imperative to enter your shipping information correctly. Once the item ships we cannot intercept it. We strive ourselves on shipping our orders as fast as humanly possible, so please be sure to enter accurate information. If you have realized a mistake, please contact us at support@redeemsource.com and we can assist you with a replacement. As expected, the customer will be responsible for replacement and shipping costs.

Q: What if I have a defective product?
A: Please email support@redeemsource.com and request an exchange.

Q: Why is my tracking information not showing up?
A: If your tracking is not showing movement, not to worry, this simply means it has not been scanned by the service being used to ship your item. Give it 24-48 hours, check again, and at any time please feel free to contact support@redeemsource.com.

Q: How long before my goods arrive?
A: Products are shipped out within 24-48 hours from date of redemption and should arrive anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks plus depending on product and destination.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: We are happy to send your orders to Canada, but you are responsible for additional shipping costs. Please keep in mind international shipments require more time for delivery.

Q: What if my goods show delivered but I never got them?
A: We find that if your goods show delivered, but you do not have them it means they tried delivering and the package was too large to leave in your postal box and will be available at your local post office. Often times, couriers mistakenly deliver it to a neighbors house!
If this is not the case, please contact us at support@redeemsource.com

Q: What if my items are not at the post office?
A: Please email support@redeemsource.com and we will be happy to assist you!

Q: What if I received a wrong item?
A: We are only human, and sometimes, albeit rarely, mistakes happen. Please email support@redeemsource.com and we will promptly exchange any incorrect items.

Q: I want a refund?
A: Refunds can only be issued by the company you purchased the voucher from. Please refer to the website, vendor or retailer where you bought the voucher for a complete explanation of their refund/return policy. In most cases the product must be returned unopened and unused if refunds are allowed by that company. RedeemSource reserves the right to refuse any return for sanitary or personal items.

Q: What is your Returns Policy?
A: We will replace or exchange any defective or damaged products within 30 days of purchase.