• IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Hero-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Black-1-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Black-2-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Green-1-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Green-2-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Lifestyle-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Pink-1-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Pink-2-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Purple-1-1200×1200
  • IAG-Silicone-Cord-Keeper-Purple-2-1200×1200

Silicone Cord Keeper

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Enjoy sound from your devices without the hassle of tangled wires with this handy Silicone Cord Keeper. Fun and functional pop up design lets you seamlessly wrap your cord while the earbuds are conveniently secured inside. Compact and perfect for carrying in a backpack, gym bag or purse.