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Instant Reusable Handwarmers


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Magic Reusable Handwarmers – Keep your hands toasty warm all winter long with these like-magic reusable gel handwarmers. Simply snap the small disc inside and the pouch instantly heats up, providing your hands with immediate warmth. Keep in your pockets to warm your hands as needed.  They are easy to reactivate for additional uses – just place in boiling water until the warming crystals return to their liquid state.  They work like a seat warmer if you place in your back pockets – Perfect for outdoor sporting events and long walks in colder weather. To reuse, simply heat in boiling water until the gel returns to original form.  It also works like a reverse ice pack – keep one tucked into a lunch bag to keep lunch warm.  Get more than one two pack so you can mix and match colors!  Each handwarmer is 4″ in diameter

Your choice of Red, White, Purple, Yellow or Blue




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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .75 in

Blue, Red, White