High Hopes Handmade Organic Hemp Soap




High Hopes Handmade Organic Hemp Soap – Leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized & well nourished with these High Hopes Handmade Organic Hemp Soaps.  These gentle cleansing bars are safe for all skin types, including children and pregnant women. Perfect as a body wash or face wash, these handmade soaps promise smoother and glowing skin. Replaces shaving creams and lotions too for a closer shave that’s better for your razors. Hemp Soap also acts as an anti-aging product, capable of slowing down oxidation caused by free radicals. Also aids in healing burns, including those from the sun. The natural oils in the soap contain vital fatty acids that mimic those in healthy skin. Containing 100% organic oils this soap will replace your traditional commercially produced soaps and provide unparalleled benefits:
Hemp Oil – To heal and regenerate the skin
Olive Oil – Hyper moisturize & Hypoallergenic
Palm Oil – Rich in antioxidants to boost healthy cells
Coconut Oil – Antibacterial & reduces wrinkles

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