• IAG-Sling-Grip-Hero-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Black-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Black-Gold-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Black-White-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Gold-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Hero-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-Lifestyle-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-White-1200×1200
  • IAG-Sling-Grip-White-Gold-1200×1200

Sling Grip for Mobile Phone (2 Pack)



Relieve strain on your hands and get better control of your smartphone with this slim and simple Sling Grip for Mobile Phone. Perfect for any of your mobile devices. Lay-flat design allows for easy movement in and out of a pocket or purse. Attaches simply with strong 3M adhesive to the back of your device or protective case without damaging the finish. Includes two Sling Grips.