• IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Hero-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Black-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Cherry-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Hero-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Lifestyle-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Mahogany-1200×1200
  • IAG-Furniture-Repair-Pens-Oak-1200×1200

Furniture Repair Markers-4 Pack

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Say goodbye to scratches, scuffs and damages on wood furniture, cabinets or floors with this 4-Pack of Furniture Repair Markers. Instantly restore the look of your interior wood floors, furniture and cabinets. Simply color in the damage marks with the felt-tipped marker, let dry for a few minutes, and your repair is complete. Mix colors for the perfect match to your home’s maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany or espresso finishes.