Bento Style Lunch Box Leak-Proof Container


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Bento Style Lunch Box Leak-Proof Container – Pack your next lunch without the environmentally UN-friendly plastic bags, wraps and foils with this perfectly proportioned Bento Style Lunch Box Leak-Proof Container. This innovative bento-style lunch box is perfect for your entire on-the-go family.  The four convenient sections give you endless opportunities to pack fun, smart, and healthy meals for school, work, picnics and more. Sandwiches, salads, fruits, chips, pretzels, nuts and more! The stay fresh package is ideal for food storage too. Drop-proof, leak proof and sturdy. Kid-friendly latches ensure a tight seal every time. Dishwasher safe. Includes removable tray and spoon. Measures 7.9 in x 6.2 in x 2.1 in and weighs just under a pound.